Class Registration

Students should be enrolled in the following freshman level classes in order to participate in AFROTC.

  • 25235 USAF 1010 – Air and Space Studies 100 A
  • 25210 USAF 0010 – Leadership Lab

If you are registering as a sophomore (3 years left of AFROTC), you must register for following sophomore level classes:

  • 25236 USAF 2030 – Air and Space Studies 200 A
  • 25235 USAF 1010 – Air and Space Studies 100 A
  • 25436 USAF 0030-  Leadership Lab


Pre-Participatory Sports Physical

If possible, your sports physical should be completed before NSOP.  Participation in PT is prohibited until a sports physical is completed. The link to the Pre-Participatory Sports Physical (Form 28) can be found in the list of documents to bring under the Required Paperwork tab.


Physical Preparation

To make the transition into ROTC, you need to begin preparing yourself by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Below is a basic 3-week Physical Conditioning Plan that is designed to prime you for our morning Physical Training (PT) sessions. Click here to see the USAF physical fitness scores that must be met at least once a semester.

These exercises can be done throughout the day.  As a tip, instead of doing nothing during a TV commercial, do a set of push-ups or crunches.  Broken up, these sets of exercises can be manageable.  If this workout routine is too aggressive, take out a few sets or do fewer reps per set.  If it is not enough, add more sets or more repetitions to each set.  The key is to always push yourself to do better.



Weight Standardsshaff

To the right are the weight standards for males and females. Just like the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) which will be administered once a semester, you must meet the Air Force weight standards.  If you are currently not within the regulations, we will work with you to ensure you receive every opportunity to make it within regulations.

The table gives you an idea of the weight chart against which you will be measured. Height is measured from the floor to a plane perpendicular to the top of your head with your head and back against a wall. This height measurement (to quarter inch increment) is then plotted to the male or female weight table. You maximum allowable weight (MAW) is the upper limit.